ds106 & questions of (digital) identity in another language

‘Twas a long week here at the ranch (can’t you tell by looking at the bags under Flaubert’s little eyes?)  but here (finally) is my self introduction as well as some stuff I am thinking about re: ds106

A confession: I -hate-watching myself on film. Gives me the creeps. And while yes I could have chosen another way to introduce myself to the ds106 community, I did it this way because some small, Yankee (not THOSE Yankees, Jim), puritan(ical) voice told me that I needed to this because I needed to know how hard this is gonna be for my students when I ask them to do this in Spanish.

I feel their pain. Like, totally. And… yeowch.

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  1. I wore your bava disney cap in mine, and you one-upped me with Flaubert, damn it! I really love the effect of the bird in this video, and what’s more the idea of an identity in another language (digital or otherwise) is fascinating for me lately given I spent most of the break inIitaly with my family and there speaking Italian there was fascinating, they speak fluently and have no problem with the language but have American (actually NY) accents in their Italian, and there was interesting thoughts and discussions about their identities as Americans or Italians, so much so that we’re talking about trying to move back to Italy for a year or two sometime soon. And if that happens—a huge if—it would be fascinating both them but particularly for me, cause I am fairly confident I would be close to fluent if I stayed there a year, but I can’t even begin ti think my digital identity as Italian, so this runs deep for me. i am first and foremost an American bava—but the whole thing maskes me kinda wonder if I could be something else.

    • Hey Jim:

      Awww. I wasn’t trying to up you, bava (and yes, I noticed and loved the ears and was thrilled to see them included as part of -your- digital identity). Gawd, is one-upping you even possible?

      Rather, I was trying to think about stuff that (I think) helps to define me in my place of work, and trying to see if that “translates” to a little movie.

      I would love to talk with you more about you and your family’s travels in the Italian language. Would you ever consider (audio or video) blogging in Italian with them? Is it be possible for you to be the bava in Italian? (The New Yawk accent being oh so essential to the mix).

      Or is our second language identity just like our “digital” identities (I am thinking about blog posts in particular), that is, it all needs to be seen as a part of the whole and not the whole in and unto itself.

      Deep stuff. I need more coffee.


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