Baseball, technology and dinner with mom

I come from a long line of long suffering New England baseball fanatics. When the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004 my father was quick to remind my (then) young sons that they shouldn’t get used to this…being a Sox fan meant suffering. Winning could only make a team soft and complacent, he reasoned… which of course is precisely what the team did a year later …but I digress.

My mom eats her dinner and watches “the boys” play every night they are on at dinnertime. The Sox were playing Toronto last night and Cleveland (near where we live) was playing the evil Yankees. Sox fans hate the Yankees. But only the Sox were on TV here.

Enter and MLB at Bat 2011 for the iPad. Voilá…dinner, two games and fresh strawberries for dessert….

A great end to a long, hot, slow, exhausting day…

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    • This is true. However, after the way Papelbon pitched last night I have to say that pain is very much present in almost every game they play, World Series ring or not. I think pain (and maybe beer) is just a part of baseball…period. (Notice I did not say beach balls…I know better) 🙂

  1. Um, because they weren’t on yet? I caught some of them later once Mom had tottered off to bed.

    Yeah yeah I know East Coast basis…..

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