More water views

Everyday I drive my mom from her house to the assisted living place where my dad is now living, about 10 miles away and in a rural area near a tidal river with comorants and osprey and geese and such.

Mom and Dad go through the mail, or watch the Women’s World Cup games, or have “cocktail time” together. They have been married 68 years and I figure it is important to leave them be to have their time alone as a couple.

Since the place is somewhat off the beaten path, “doing errands” is not an option while they visit. But sitting is. I have been doing a lot of sitting on this trip.

And since facilities such as these are generally kept at a warmer temperatures than I can handle, I find myself needing fresh air more often than not. Outside I go.

I found this great place to sit by the water (with a chair swing) so I can watch the wildlife while Mom and Dad have their time together.

To each his or her own bliss, I guess.

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  1. Have you considered bringing your mat and doing some stretching while you are out there? Or bringing a blanket and a book? Just a couple of suggestions to help pass the time …

  2. Well the yoga mat and associated stretching would certainly entertain the comorants and the osprey…not to mention the elderly observers back up at the “lodge.” Oh the comments.

    I have brought things to read and happily so.

    Actually my problem has been that I get TOO comfy out there and then worry about not retrieving my mom before dad’s dinner (or dad getting tired, whichever comes first). But maybe I can figure something out. Here’s hoping.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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