Lost in the continuum

My son, who just finished his first year in college, is living at home this summer. It feels weird and uncomfortable and horribly limiting. He knows he is almost 19, but every now and again he feels as if he is only 13. Even though he can come and go as he pleases, it is still home with us vs the dorm with his buds and that sucks.

Meanwhile, here I am living in my parents’ house, and having similar feelings. My brain every now and again wonders what year this is and how old I am.

Add to this the fact that, like my son, where my parents live is also the same place where I went to school. When I catch a break and go to swim at the pool at the place where I also went to college (and have music on my headset that sometimes is from the [ancient] timeperiod I went to school)….this results in a total mind scramble. I have actually bashed into the wall of the pool out of confusion.

When the roles are reversed and you are caring or your parents, it is hard. It is even harder when the interactions and patterns you have developed over the years, as well as the surroundings,end up muddling your brain. I am sure it is equally confusing for my parents as well.

I am lost in a weird time/space continuum while staying here. Kinda like this movie. But in living color. And real life.

Anyone else know the feeling?

(Thanks to Ryan for the morphing gif magic)

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