The news from there

 Mom and Dad are now in Assisted Living. Together. Hooray.

The past few months have been a whirlwind of sorting, storing, clearing, tossing, and  donating about 65 years of accumulated stuff belonging to my parents.

Getting their  current house ready to be sold.

Getting mail forwarded to Ohio so bills can be paid.

Sending out countless copies of the powers of attorney forms so all things official can be re-routed, paid, filed.

I told my husband that all I want for a present this year is a dumpster.  I want to start hurling things now so that  when our time comes… our kids won’t have to go through this as well.

The important thing is this: they are safe, they are very well cared for…and they are together.  I hope we are equally fortunate when it is our turn.


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