Unidentified Frozen Objects.  My mom had them in her freezer,  I haz them in the bottom of my chest freezer.  So for dinner tonight I pulled out these five containers  and set them on the counter to thaw.  I have  NO IDEA  what is in them,  but hey, I enjoy a challenge. Plus, I don’t […]

Feeding the kid

This is what breakfast looks like for the eating machine that is also know as my younger son.  Most mornings it is just waffles ( made from scratch because it is just as easy and way cheaper) and bacon.  Some days I go crazy (as I appear to have gone on this particular day) and […]

Lowering the bar

Precisely one year ago today, Ryan and I thought it would be fun to participate in Inkygirl’s  “250 words a day” . I blogged about it here.   250 words seemed do-able, low stakes and possible. I was filled with hope, enthusiasm…even pluck. And then life got in the way. Although I did do my […]

Starting 2011 with a resounding failure

Our first family dog was a rescue dog, that is, a dog that was rescued from an animal pound because he had been rejected by his family. He was a Springer Spaniel and came to us with the name of Jed. We agreed to foster him, which meant he lived in our house and the […]