Feeding the kid

This is what breakfast looks like for the eating machine that is also know as my younger son.  Most mornings it is just waffles ( made from scratch because it is just as easy and way cheaper) and bacon.  Some days I go crazy (as I appear to have gone on this particular day) and […]

Lowering the bar

Precisely one year ago today, Ryan and I thought it would be fun to participate in Inkygirl’s  “250 words a day” . I blogged about it here.   250 words seemed do-able, low stakes and possible. I was filled with hope, enthusiasm…even pluck. And then life got in the way. Although I did do my […]

Here, we call this “frugal”

Searching in the fridge for jam for my morning toast, I stumbled upon this jar of orange marmalade. It looked empty. I went to rinse the jar and put it in the recycling and was told that no, there is at least one more teaspoon’s worth in there, so no, until it’s used up you […]

Scamming the elderly.

My parents are, for the most part, affable, chatty, social people. My dad moreso than my mom. Dad was in marketing for years and he loved chatting with people. I remember cringing as a teenager when he would pick up conversations with strangers in shops or gas stations…insert audible eye-rolling and frustrated moans… and then […]

The view from here.

Too much has happened between this post and the last. There are many ways I could explain why it is I haven’t posted more regularly. That “250 words a day” banner is chiding me.  I have the (admin) power to take it down and yet I don’t.  Those “shoulds” have been swirling about my head […]