My siblings and I have divided the tasks that Mom and Dad need to have done, and I took on the paying of the bills.  I hate paying my own bills, so somehow there is a cruel irony in the fact that I am now in charge of paying their bills as well. And let […]

Lowering the bar

Precisely one year ago today, Ryan and I thought it would be fun to participate in Inkygirl’s  “250 words a day” . I blogged about it here.   250 words seemed do-able, low stakes and possible. I was filled with hope, enthusiasm…even pluck. And then life got in the way. Although I did do my […]

The news from there

 Mom and Dad are now in Assisted Living. Together. Hooray. The past few months have been a whirlwind of sorting, storing, clearing, tossing, and  donating about 65 years of accumulated stuff belonging to my parents. Getting their  current house ready to be sold. Getting mail forwarded to Ohio so bills can be paid. Sending out […]

More technology.

I came back from a walk outside to find my mother fussing over her CASIO digital wristwatch. You know, the watches that have lots of functions but teeeeeeny tiny print, itsy bitsy buttons to press (often with an extended paperclip) and even teeny tinier print in the “handy users guide.” What follows was the conversation […]