I am a higher ed language teacher and occasional technology wrangler who cares deeply about teaching and learning. My passion is to provide students in the language classroom with the skills and strategies they need for the world that awaits them. I believe that technology should support and amplify great teaching, not replace it. As well, I believe tools should make learning accessible for all students, versus privileging just a few. Feel free to take a look around this site. I have posted links here related to my work, my projects as well as things that make me happy. Please contact me with any questions!

Language Lab Unleashed!

Where I've been blogging about teaching, learning languages, and tech since 2005

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Teaching Philosophy, Research and Practice

What I believe in as a teacher, what I do in the classroom, and where tech fits in.

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Radio Ambulante in the Classroom

Creating content for using RA episodes in the language classroom; creating a community of teachers who do the same.

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Projects, initiatives and best practices related to the not so quiet language center I run in higher ed land

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Musings from the Back Deck

Links to posts from my personal blog about my life and interests outside of higher ed

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Updated frequently, here's info on presentations, publications, keynotes and other professional info

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