Getting rid of the schtink of chlorine

Yeah, okay so I swim.  I enjoy it but I do not like carrying the schtink of chlorine around on me for an entire day.  I smell like a bottle of Clorox, especially on the days after they have “done a little cleaning” to the pool.  Bleech.

I once had some really awesome walnut scrub stuff that got rid of the stench, but alas it ran out.  Some brands had little flecks of walnut shells…what I needed was a kind of liquid sandpaper to get this stuff of my skin.  I tried to re-order and found out that the company had stopped making it. Poo.

So thanks to a generous gift of a bag of walnut powder from Ryan I tried to make my own.

Teh internets had all sorts of ideas as to how to do this…honey, yogurt, flour, tea tree oils, herbal la de dahs.  It looked like you could be as simple or as complex with this as you wanted…so I opted for simple.  Here’s what I did.

I warmed up about 1/2 cup of honey (do not heat it too much because it can turn everything into rock candy/ Turkish Taffy  really fast…warm is good)

I added about 1/8 cup run of the mill olive oil

I added enough of the walnut stuff to make it dense/ muddy but not brick like.

I added about 1/8 cup Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Soap  full strength, not diluted  (This makes it smell really good, and makes a good lather)

Behold the (blurry) result.

Used in small doses, and not every day, it gets rid of the chlorine smell and (because of the oil) softens my skin (i.e. not dried out like whoa from said chlorine).

And as an added bonus, it simultaneously cleans the enamel in our tub/shower better than commercial cleaners!


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  1. It kinda looks like peanut butter 🙂 Does the oil make it super slippery in the tub? So glad it works!

    For anyone else who might be interested, the walnut shell powder is available online from a wholesale beauty products company.

    • Ah good point. No, use just a leeeetle bit of oil (especially if you are using Dr Wacko’s soap with it as it has oil too). Too much and yes you will go flying 🙂

      And yes it does look like peanut butter which is why I whisked it out of the kitchen and away from the hungry beings in my home asap… that could be one cruel surprise on a sandwich.

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