Unidentified Frozen Objects.  My mom had them in her freezer,  I haz them in the bottom of my chest freezer.  So for dinner tonight I pulled out these five containers  and set them on the counter to thaw.  I have  NO IDEA  what is in them,  but hey, I enjoy a challenge. Plus, I don’t have access to a car to go food shopping today.

I will report back when I know what they were, whether they survived the great thaw and whether we gave up and ordered take-out.

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  1. I found your blog while searching for your email address cousin! Just so you know…you ARE allowed to throw out old food!

  2. Not with you Aunt Tina watching you are not! In their new digs the full sized fridge is FULL of “last bites” of many meals that Mom couldn’t finish, all wrapped in cellophane or a paper napkin. Some date back to last summer. YUM!

    And yes, I am your cousin. And yes it looks like you did try to comment twice. Mysetery solved!

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