Mom’s Lunch

The freezer is filled with these…tiny, 4 oz tupperware containers, filled with leftovers. Did I mention I come from a frugal family? Yes I do….

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  1. At least they are a) labeled and b) in the freezer. My folks used to have so many take-out and tupperware containers with god-knows-what in them molding in the fridge. Actually, it wasn’t tupperware – it was every plastic tub they ever brought something home from the grocery store in. That was the easiest part of cleaning out their kitchen – getting rid of the huge pile of plastic containers.

    • Well we have some of those too. Not from take out though. I don’t know when the last time was when my mom had take out.

      We do have many MANY plastic containers however, and we are encouraged to make MORE plastic containers by recycling them and using them again. I prefer to recycle them the other way (via waste management) but in order to do so I have to sneak it out without her seeing. I have to do that as ell when she leaves “a couple of bites” on her plate at dinner… the expectation is I will get a teeeny container and fill it.

      Sadly I just found out today(after mom had a “hot pocket” for ounch while I was out) that Mom didn’t remember that these Mom’s lunches containers were even here.

      Oh dear.

      • There’s the rub – the not remembering they are there so they keep piling up! My parents had a lot of takeout because my Mom could no longer prepare meals. Dad could put together sandwiches or make an egg for breakfast, but dinner was always out, and he was pretty good about having leftovers for lunch, but there were always the assorted little bits of sauces or side dishes or the last two bites….

        • OMG.. the last two bites. Exactly. The number of UFOs (Unidentified Frozen Objects) that are carefully preserved “last two bites” is mind bending.

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