More technology.

I came back from a walk outside to find my mother fussing over her CASIO digital wristwatch. You know, the watches that have lots of functions but teeeeeeny tiny print, itsy bitsy buttons to press (often with an extended paperclip) and even teeny tinier print in the “handy users guide.” What follows was the conversation […]

Baseball, technology and dinner with mom

I come from a long line of long suffering New England baseball fanatics. When the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004 my father was quick to remind my (then) young sons that they shouldn’t get used to this…being a Sox fan meant suffering. Winning could only make a team soft and complacent, he […]

The view from here.

Too much has happened between this post and the last. There are many ways I could explain why it is I haven’t posted more regularly. That “250 words a day” banner is chiding me.  I have the (admin) power to take it down and yet I don’t.  Those “shoulds” have been swirling about my head […]

Yer messing with my metadata, ds 106

This is what an afternoon of playing around with the ds106 jukebox has done to me, and my profile in YouTube. This is almost as messy as what our family’s Netflix queue (a veritable  mashup of Nazi Zombie movies, Showtime and HBO series and Spanish language films).

I have this condition…my ds106 contribution

It may seem odd, but one of my favorite movies is Memento(2000), the story of a man, Leonard, who has short term memory loss and how he sets out to avenge the murder of his wife. Leonard’s condition makes it impossible for him to hold on to information for long, so as he acquires information […]

Starting 2011 with a resounding failure

Our first family dog was a rescue dog, that is, a dog that was rescued from an animal pound because he had been rejected by his family. He was a Springer Spaniel and came to us with the name of Jed. We agreed to foster him, which meant he lived in our house and the […]

A winter shutting down; a new year starting up

For a week between Christmas and New Year’s the college where I work shuts down. Everyone is sent home (okay well almost everyone), the heat is turned down (okay well not in all of the buildings) and people are given an extra few days of paid vacation time to spend as they wish. My goals […]