The news from there

 Mom and Dad are now in Assisted Living. Together. Hooray. The past few months have been a whirlwind of sorting, storing, clearing, tossing, and  donating about 65 years of accumulated stuff belonging to my parents. Getting their  current house ready to be sold. Getting mail forwarded to Ohio so bills can be paid. Sending out […]


This was the sign outside the AmVets Hall where we donated my dad’s electric wheelchair and scooter.  In addition to spaghetti dinners and steak fries, they seem to have a good sense of humor and an awesome  philosophy on life…and the stuff that happens along the way. Dad’s stuff will be in good hands.

Lost in the continuum

My son, who just finished his first year in college, is living at home this summer. It feels weird and uncomfortable and horribly limiting. He knows he is almost 19, but every now and again he feels as if he is only 13. Even though he can come and go as he pleases, it is […]

Driving Mom

Took Mom to a doctor’s appointment in Portland today. A vascular surgeon, in fact. She was anxious and worried and she hurt. To pass the time during the drive, and I think to give the illusion of feeling chipper and carefree, she read the street signs outloud as we drove. Every. single. one of them. […]

More water views

Everyday I drive my mom from her house to the assisted living place where my dad is now living, about 10 miles away and in a rural area near a tidal river with comorants and osprey and geese and such. Mom and Dad go through the mail, or watch the Women’s World Cup games, or […]

Mom’s Lunch

The freezer is filled with these…tiny, 4 oz tupperware containers, filled with leftovers. Did I mention I come from a frugal family? Yes I do….

Movement, or lack thereof

Image thanks to Pfizer pharameceuticals Ah the pharmaceutical industry and their ads. There is a Celebrex ad airing now (during the Nightly News) that features a man at the beach with his Springer Spaniel and the voiceover citing Newtownian Physics as he purrs…. “A body at rest stays at rest while a body in motion […]

Here, we call this “frugal”

Searching in the fridge for jam for my morning toast, I stumbled upon this jar of orange marmalade. It looked empty. I went to rinse the jar and put it in the recycling and was told that no, there is at least one more teaspoon’s worth in there, so no, until it’s used up you […]

Scamming the elderly.

My parents are, for the most part, affable, chatty, social people. My dad moreso than my mom. Dad was in marketing for years and he loved chatting with people. I remember cringing as a teenager when he would pick up conversations with strangers in shops or gas stations…insert audible eye-rolling and frustrated moans… and then […]